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OPTI-UPS uninterupptable power supplies
OPTI-UPS uninterupptable power supplies

Power Quality Surveys

We investigate the sources of mains electrical disturbances – Electrical noise, transients, missed cycles, high/low mains voltages, which are known to be the main cause of hard disc drive failures!!!.

We also examine Power Factors, harmonics, Phase Loading and their effects on the site under investigation.
Very comprehensive reports are individually compiled for our customers, detailing problem areas; their effects together detailed recommendations and costs.

These Power Quality Surveys vary from half a day to several weeks, depending on the detail required by the customer.

Our most popular survey is our “By Post” power analysis for small industrial and retail sites. A small digital analyser called a POWERWATCH (slightly larger than a 13 amp plug) is posted to a problem site where the unit is plugged in. After 5-7 days the data recording analyser is sent back to us by post. We down load the memory contents using an infra-red probe and special software, to compile a detailed and graphic report. This includes the level of electrical noise, transients, missed cycles, power sags/surges and outages. Plus rudimentary harmonic detection, the report includes recommendations.

ACR PowerWatch
Power quality surveys
Survey fee: £125.00+VAT for a PowerWatch unit for 5-7 days to plug into a 13amp plug socket and then a full report on the electrical noise, transients, missed cycles, power sags/surges and outages discovered. Contact us for further information.

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