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OPTI-UPS uninterupptable power supplies
OPTI-UPS uninterupptable power supplies

PowerWatch Summary Data Report

This site started POWERWATCH data recording on 14/11/05 and finished on 21/11/05.
The main Powerwatch events log actually starts at event 11 and finishes at event 40.

There were a series of 14 high voltage spike events varying from 210 to 670 volts, indicating a “dirty” mains electricity supply at this branch. There were no less than 11 negative to ground voltage spikes, indicating that the earth line is contaminated with serious spikes, one in particular, event 13 which exceeded 1140 volts : more than high enough to cause serious data errors.

Events 38,39,& 40 were a series of high voltage spikes varying from 1510 to 2270 volts which would certainly cause equipment damage if allowed to continue.

Events 23,29, & 36 were a series of unexplained power outages lasting exactly 8 seconds.

We would recommend that a power conditioned ON-LINE double conversion UPS is fitted to eliminate these problems.

Click here to view the PowerWatch Events Log (Excel format)


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