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OPTI-UPS uninterupptable power supplies
OPTI-UPS uninterupptable power supplies

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

These products ensure that in the event of a mains power failure, the equipment they are protecting continues to operate for the duration of the power failure, or at least provide sufficient time for the equipment to be shut down with no loss of data.

Some manufacturers are very careful at not letting on exactly what type of UPS they are offering. They also make their autonomy times appear very optimistic


OFF-LINE - as in our low cost VS575. The UPS is OFF all of the time the mains supply is present. When the mains supply fails it takes a short 4m/s (1/5 of a mains cycle) to switch on: it supplies a step wave output suitable for epos, home computer and small IT applications.
LINE-INTERACTIVE - as above, medium priced, plus the UPS tracks the mains supply, and will switch on if the mains voltage should drop below or exceed a fixed value; this is known as voltage regulation. Again a 4m/s delay in switching on, sine wave output.
ON-LINE DOUBLE CONVERSION - On all the time, provides a perfectly regulated sine wave output, devoid of any mains born noise or transients. NO DELAY in transition from mains to battery operation. The ultimate in UPS protection.


We are the manufacturer’s representative for OPTI-UPS in the U.K. who are world ranked as manufacturers of uninterruptible power supplies; they also supply many other Manufacturers with re-badged products. We can offer an extensive range of UPS equipment, for all applications from 575vA small computer systems to 3000vA for larger systems. We can power IT facilities and call centres, to entire office blocks with power outputs from 575vA up to 400,000VA. It is possible to digitally interface the larger units together to provide many MVA if required.

Entry-level UPS
Reduce risk of losing valuable data or
damaging your hardware with the
compact OPTI
VS575C. This compact, affordable
unit is the ideal

Uninterruptible Power Supply

protection solution for epos, personal computers, SOHO and workstations. Maximum Capacity (VA/W) 575VA
Only £55 +VAT & delivery
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High end UPS
The OPTI DS-B range of UPS units provide
the ultimate performance of the OPTI family. With a robust battery, they are designed to

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

withstand the high end usage typically required by Data centers.
With its built-in LCD panel providing indepth system feedback, the OPTI DS-B UPS
range assures your business no downtime, supplying continuous power from its battery to your equipment, and ensuring your
system is always running smoothly.

Only £330 +VAT & delivery
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